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RTS Home Learning EYFS Week beginning 4.5.20


Tell me, I will forget.
Show me, I may not remember.
Involve me and I will understand.
Walk out to meet me, and we will learn together








Personal, Social + Emotional Development:


Thought of the week, Connect, GiveThink of three words to describe the way you like other people to be with you. Find three stones or marbles and drop them into a bowl of water one at a time. As you drop each one think about one of the words. Watch the ripples spread out from the pebble and think about how feel when someone treats you that way. You might also think about where that feeling is in your body. Is it one place or all over? Is it a small feeling or a large feeling? Is it a warm or cold feeling? Have you got any other words to describe your feelings?

Remember your three words this week and find ways to treat other people the same way. You could make a poster to remind yourself of your three important words.


Notice – Reflection Investigation – see Understanding the World section


School Worship – Watch Wednesday Worship with your family





Physical Development:


Enjoy a little more daily exercise outside!


Prowl and pounce like a hunting lion or tiger.


Cut out scenery for your story. Reuse things in your house.


Communication and Language:


Listen to our Story of the week – Tyrannosaurus Drip by Julia Donaldson


What differences were there between the two groups of dinosaurs? Say a full sentence to describe each group.


Story board seesaw

Write the beginning of your story. Who, where, when – seesaw

Write the middle of your story. Problem and Action – seesaw

FRIDAY FUN – Write the end of your story and illustrate it.


Use the scenery and characters you make (Expressive art and design) to re-tell your story.




MATHS FOCUS: I can draw a picture to help me solve a problem. I can say half of even numbers to ten.


Opportunities Offline

Tell your child a story with a number problem. For example – 6 ducks were swimming down a river. They came to 3 ponds. The same number of ducks went in each pond. How many ducks was that? Show how to represent the ducks with dots, and ponds with circles. Show how to cross off the dots and put them in the circles. Repeat with different examples. Keep it simple to start with eg. 6 frogs and 2 logs.


Opportunities Online

Creative addition problem solving X 2– seesaw Create and Solve a problem – seesaw

Daily phonics – phase 3



After you have listened to the daily sound pretend you are Gerladine the giraffe and look around the house. Say the word as you find things – can you hear the sound of the day? This is a link to the short oo sound https://www.google.com/search?q=geraldine+oo+short&oq=Geradine+oo&aqs=chrome.3.69i57j0l7.14546j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8


Opportunities Offline

Play hangman with words using the sound of the day. Use 1 line for each sound. Eg. moon … __ _____ __

Make a noughts and crosses grid. Put a vowel in the middle. Take turns to choose consonants to fill the other squares. Read the words you have made. Have you made any real words?

Share books at home. Ask lots of questions eg. What might happen next? Why do you think that? Encourage your child to talk in detail about what is happening in the story.


Opportunities Online

DAILY PHONICS – https://wandleenglishhub.org.uk/lettersandsounds/reception


READING BOOKS – choose your new reading books from the oxford owls e library https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page?view=image&query=&type=book&age_group=Age+4-5&level=&level_select=&book_type=&series=# Read them with a grown up and change them when you are ready



Write the beginning of your story. Who, where, when – seesaw

Write the middle of your story. Problem and Action – seesaw

FRIDAY FUN – Write the end of your story and illustrate it.


Make scenery for your story. Be resourceful – what can you use to make the characters – – look in your recycling box.


In the Tyrannosaurus Drip story, the T Rex’s thought their reflections in the river were monsters. The river was not flat or smooth like a mirror. It changed the way they looked. In this investigation you will make a curved mirror and explore what changes you see in the things you hold up to reflect in it.


REFLECTION INVESTIGATION – Make a curved mirror by wrapping some silver foil around a cylinder. Be careful to not to keep the foil smooth. Put your mirror on a piece of white paper and place an object or picture on or above the paper. Explore and notice the shape of the reflection. What changes do you see? Draw the new shape



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