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RTS Home Learning EYFS Week beginning 4.5.20


Tell me, I will forget.
Show me, I may not remember.
Involve me and I will understand.
Walk out to meet me, and we will learn together








Personal, Social + Emotional Development:


HOPE – this activity is ready for you on seesaw


Connect – Have a VE celebration with your family


Give – a neighbour a sample of your wartime cooking


Notice – the tastes of your wartime food




School Worship – Watch Wednesday Worship with your family





Physical Development:


Cut and fold – making scrap paper bunting – see expressive art and design below


Rub and stir – Wartime recipes – See seesaw activity


Make up a dance to a wartime song


Communication and Language:


Question for an evacuee – seesaw


Little Mole Finds Hope – Listen to the story (Hope seesaw activity). Answer questions eg. How did Little Mole’s mum know he was not feeling good? What did Little Mole’s mum say he needed? Etc.


Flick through the pictures in the story with the sound turned down. Use the pictures to help you re-tell the story.


Use a teddy to help you make up your own story about losing and finding hope.


Homecoming – seesaw. Tell someone in your family what you have learned about wartime and evacuees. This could be a video chat to a grandparent or great grandparent. Listen carefully, they may have some memories to share with you.



MATHS FOCUS: I can use my knowledge of doubles and halves to share objects into 2 groups


Opportunities Offline

Play doubles ping pong – I say 3 -you say 6. I say 2, you say 4.

Make fingerprint paintings – use a different colour for each hand to show the doubles.

Put 6 sultanas on a plate and ask your child to take half away.

Make sandwiches for your VE celebrations (even numbers ten or less). Ask your child to share them fairly between 2 plates. Can they tell you how many will be on each plate? Ask them how they knew?

Opportunities Online

Share the cookies – seesaw

Share the apples – seesaw

Daily phonics – phase 3


After you have listened to the daily sound pretend you are Gerladine the giraffe and look around the house. Say the word as you find things – can you hear the sound of the day? This is a link to the short oo sound


Opportunities Offline

Play hangman with words using the sound of the day. Use 1 line for each sound. Eg. moon … __ _____ __

Make a noughts and crosses grid. Put a vowel in the middle. Take turns to choose consonants to fill the other squares. Read the words you have made. Have you made any real words?

Share books at home. Ask lots of questions eg. What might happen next? Why do you think that? Encourage your child to talk in detail about what is happening in the story.


Opportunities Online



READING BOOKS – choose your new reading books from the oxford owls e library Read them with a grown up and change them when you are ready

Spot words you know in your Wartime Recipe – seesaw


WRITING FOCUS: Write a list in time order. Spell words as they sound. Stretch out the words to hear all the sounds eg. d-a-n-s (dance) ee-t (eat) etc

VE day street party plan – a list of activities in time order

War and evacuees – Homecoming – seesaw


Use some old newspaper, magazines or scrap paper to make VE Day bunting to decorate your house.


Eggs were very scarce in wartime. Choose an egg experiment from science sparks. What have you learned about eggs?


War and evacuees – Homecoming – seesaw Power point and/or video clips



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