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  RTS Home Learning Year 1 Week beginning    

Class – Airedale 

Tell me, I will forget. 

Show me, I may not remember. 

Involve me and I will understand. 

Walk out to meet me, and we will learn together. 







New learning – Compare the size of 2, 2 digit numbers 


Consolidate – Adding ten to a 2 digit number 


  1. Adding ten to a two digit number – seesaw 
  2.  Compare numbers practise 2 – seesaw 

3. 2 digit place value – seesaw 

4. Comparing 2 digit numbers – seesaw 


FRIDAY FUN – Play cards – seesaw 




New learning – Making plurals by adding and es  eg. cat – cats,  fox – foxes 


Consolidate – Using the correct form of the past tense eg. dance – danced, run – ran 


1. Plurals and Past tense -see seesaw assignments 

2. War and evacuees – Homecoming words and feeling – VE day seesaw assignment 

3. A question for Miss Robertson’s mum – a London evacuee. – see seesaw 

4. Learn a wartime song. Make wartime food. Plan VE celebrations – see seesaw 


FRIDAY FUN – Have a VE celebration with the people in your house. Report on the celebrations. Remember to use time words like first, next, after that, finally. Remember to use the past tense correctly. You can write or record your report. 



Eggs were very scarce in wartime. Choose an egg experiment from science sparks. What have you learned about eggs? https://www.science-sparks.com/10-egg-science-experiments/  



Hope – see seesaw 



Use some old newspaper, magazines or scrap paper to make VE Day bunting to decorate your house. 



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