6 February 2020, Comments: 0

This week we have started to read Little Red Riding Hood. We’ve been using our phase 3 digraphs to help us label pictures of a wolf and programming beebots to get to Grandma’s house. Of course the highlight of the week has been our trip to The Rainbow Factory where we got to meet Little Red, and we had lots of fun with Story Teller. Thanks again to the parent helpers.

In phonics we have been focusing on ar, or and the two sounds ‘oo’ can make (as in spoon, or as in book). The vowel digraphs are tricky and often mixed up, please keep practising ai, ee, igh and oa at home.
In mathematics we have been learning about our new magic number – 8.

Show and tells for Friday 14th February
are James A, James S and Jasper. Please talk with your child about what they want to bring in so they have lots to tell us about it.

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