6 May 2016, Comments: 0


This week Airedale have been very busy learning a Little Red Hen rap! They have changed it a bit because, in the original version of The Little Red Hen, the hen asks her friends if they want any bread and they say yes but she doesn’t give them any because they were too lazy to help her make it! However, Airedale wanted to change the story a bit. They decided they wanted the other animals to say sorry and that they would help next time to make the bread. They are going to get the barn they used for the nativity and they are also going to get lots of interesting props, such as: bags of flour, a bowl and a spoon. They will use all these things to act out the story and perform their rap. If all goes well we are hoping to perform it for parents at our ‘Plant a seed and have a cup of tea!’ afternoon (more details will follow about this soon!)


In maths they have been partitioning numbers between 10 and 20 and then using the partitioning to help them with adding. It is still early days for the children in this new concept but they really have been trying very hard with it!


In science they have been looking at plants. They have been hunting all around the school grounds looking at different plants and trying to remember their names. Do you know any of these plants? There are plants like a Daisy, a Crocus, a Grape Hyacinth, a Cherry Tree, some Heather, a Snowdrop, a Buttercup, a Tulip and a Forget-Me-Not. They have also turned their role play area into a garden centre with gloves, tools and plants.

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