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I need to start this week’s blog by saying thank you to Mrs Simpson and the staff team that worked so hard to make last week’s residential such a success. I also want to thank all of the children for their enthusiasm and wonderful behaviour during the trip. They were a real credit to the whole school.

The last week of term is incredibly busy. On Monday the education team from Harrogate Theatre are in school all morning when two classes from KS2 will be participating in a special dance workshop based on traditional dance from South East Asia. In the afternoon we will be handing out the last super pupil certificates of this half term. After school on Monday the Friends will be holding the film night for children from yr2 and 3.

Tuesday starts with Dentdale and Ribblesdale visiting the Mosque in Leeds during the morning. The afternoon sees children from virtually every year group in school participating in the Quad Kids Athletics Competition at St Aidan’s. Organising our team is a huge undertaking and I would like to thank Mrs Saunderson and Mrs Warburton for all of their hard work. We will also be welcoming Andrew Patrick to lead our worship at 1pm

On Wednesday afternoon children from Nidderdale and Swaledale Classes will be holding a special Blue Cross Tea Party in the school hall.

Thursday afternoon sees Mellors lead a healthy eating talk for every child in school.

At the end of the week on Friday morning Coverdale class will be heading down to the Royal Hall for a special Big Writing event organised by our partners from the Pobble team.

Please remember that school does not reopen until Tuesday 7th June as Monday 6th June is a staff training day.

The photos below show last week’s yellow jersey winners and some of the children in year 6 enjoying their residential visit.

A Symonds

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