11 May 2016, Comments: 0


P.E/Dance: We started Dance in P.E! First we started to do a routine as animals from the rainforest. Maisie and Megan did a routine on birds, Harry R and George did a routine on Gorillas. Me (Luke) and Fabian did Gorillas, Jacob and Alfie did Gorillas with Me and Fabian.


Maths: We have just finished Decimals, we finished Fractions a long time ago. We have just done our Fractions and Decimals test, to see if we improved on the previous test. We have also moved onto measurements!!


English/Literacy: We have been doing Myths, but we have moved onto character and settings descriptions. In a couple of weeks we will right our own myth. On Tuesday 10th May we made up our own mythical creature for our myth.


Topic: In topic we have started learning about plants! On 10th may we pulled a plant apart to find out what parts there were in a flower. We also did about rainforests and what different sections are in the rainforests.


By Matthew and Luke




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