6 May 2016, Comments: 0

HBy Lucy and Macey

Have you noticed the date? May the fourth be with you! Ha, ha, very funny. This week the whole school had Monday off because it was May Day. Bilton Gala was very successful because lots of people came and it was very enjoyable. Unfortunately, it rained! Also they have left our grass very boggy.


On Tuesday, Wensleydale did a sample SATS paper. This included questions like: “Lara read 2/5 of her book on Saturday. On Sunday she read the other 90 pages to finish it. How many pages did she read altogether?” The answer will be revealed at the end. Today, we finished the sample paper and also Mrs Simpson tested us on fractions, percentages and decimals. There were some like 0.7 is _ as a fraction (7/10).

The answer to the question above is 150 pages.


This week in Literacy we have done an EGPS practice, which is English, grammar, punctuation and spelling. It was very hard and they were some questions that even Mrs Simpson couldn’t answer! Talking about people who can’t answer SATS questions, we watched a video where a lady was interviewing the minister for schools (Nick Gibb) and she asked him a SATS question. It was in our paper and we got it correct, but he got it wrong! Mrs Simpson also tested us on year 3 and 4 and year 5 and 6 spellings.


Today, we were painting pictures of Monet’s Lily Pond. We watched a video and we used the tequnique called tache which means to touch. The painting had three different stages 1) the water 2) the reflection of trees in the water and 3) the lily pads.


On Tuesday, around 24 y5 and y6 children went to an orienteering competition. We did really well and it was great fun. Rossett field was fairly boggy and there were quite a few people that fell over (not us). We had these dibbers on our fingers and we had to dib them in the points. One point caught a lot of people out because it was in the middle of the field but it wasn’t on the map for us to find. At the end we got a receipt type thing, which told us our time. Most people got around 8 minutes, which means we were very fast. Also we only had 10 minutes to do 20 points! We don’t know how well we have done but as soon as we know our scores we will tell you. Fingers crossed!

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