29 April 2016, Comments: 0

As it is nearly time for SATS we are revising our brain with maths and everything else we need to know before our tests, but it doesn`t stop us from having fun.


In maths we have been doing booklets about what we should know in maths. In this booklet we had problems about circles. It asked us about when they had a 25% sale. Another asked us to multiply a two digit number by a two digit number. We have had two booklets. The first was out of 20. The next was out of 30. The second one was a year six paper. Another lesson was when we were just revising on what we did yesterday and seeing where some people went wrong. We also did some looking at a problems were one or two of the digits were missing in the column multiplication.

Literacy (SPAG –Spelling, Punctuationa and Grammar)

In Literacy we are also revising what we should know. We did one paper which had a total mark of 50. Some were really tough compared to others. However the hard ones didn`t stop us – we carried on and all did really well.


In P.E (Physical Education) we are doing all kinds of sports from orienteering to football. Our first P.E lesson was about orienteering. If you don`t know about orienteering then I will explain. In orienteering there are posts or signs. Orienteering is a team sport. You go around and find these posts and you have to do it in the quickest time. In our P.E lesson we split up into teams of three or four. Then we all ran off and found them all. We did orienteering as a competition is coming up and the sport is orienteering. So after everyone got back. The quickest teams are going to the competition. Our second P.E lesson is about dodge ball yet again a team game. In this P.E lesson we were making our own game of dodge ball but changing the rules to make it new. It was really fun. In our third P.E lesson we had Dan who is teaching us football.

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