30 November 2017, Comments: 0

What an amazing Science Week in Coverdale!



On Monday morning we went to Harrogate High School to use the Bunsen burners in their science labs. Then, in the afternoon, Tracy came in from St John Fishers to use acid and make hydrogen. We put two different metals into test tubes and put acid on them to see what reaction they had.

This Tuesday, we went on our excellent school trip to Harlow Carr Gardens. First, we investigated worms and looked at their different parts we also made our own wormeries and got to take them home! In the afternoon, we planted crocus bulbs with the Yorkshire Rotters.

Wednesday, the Eco Ambassadors went to Harlow Carr again to look at wind power. Meanwhile, everybody else had lots of fun going in the space dome and learning lots of facts about stars. In the afternoon we went into Nidderdale and showed our worship because Wharfdale did PE in the hall. Then we had a google hangout with a space expert Jaqueline.

Today, in the morning, we have done PE. After that we wrote instructions for origami whales using imperative verbs. This afternoon we have Terry Kirkham talking to us about Polar Explorers.

Tomorrow we are going to do literacy and after that we are doing multiplication in maths. In the afternoon we have Mrs Craig coming to do some exciting science experiments. What a week! Thank you Mrs Crisell.

By Lucy and William


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