20 January 2020, Comments: 0

Monday 13.1.20

Today was the big day for Bob who had his hair cut for charity. He has grown his hair for a year now and raised a lot of money for the Bone Cancer Research Trust. You can still sponsor Bob by using this link.


Tuesday 14.1.20

Today we did literacy, in which we all made a poem about the sun. In Maths we learnt about unit fractions. After that, we all made a space mnemonic to order the planets correctly.

Wednesday 15.1.20

To start the day, we started our new book Stitch Head and then we made a poster about a character in the book. In maths we re-capped on unit fractions. We carried on with our poster from stitch head.

Thursday 16.1.20

Today, we made a plan for a piece of work on the solar system. Next, we tested materials for an air-craft.

Friday 17. 1.20

Today, we started with ZUMBA which was very energetic. After that, we came in from break, and in our reading journals we did work Stitch Head, using a ruler (in pencil!) we split our page into four different sections, and we added the main characters, one in each section, and writing about their personalities! Next, we had maths in which we did fractions.


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