21 October 2019, Comments: 0

Monday 14. 10. 19

Today we did spellings, which we re- caped on homophones. For our next subject we were doing reading with our class book. Our book is called Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. Next, we did our maths; we were checking our mental maths books and we participated in column subtraction. Next we made some posters for a MISSING boy and dog for our class book.

Tuesday 15. 10. 19

To start off the day we watched a video of the singing astronaut, Chris Hadfield and that was for a reason… and that reason was we were getting to know him because we are going to get to MEET HIM! He is doing a Google Hangout on Monday with our school. Next, we did reading of the class book. In Maths we were finding out how many ways to get the answer of 12 x 9. After that, we had science looking at what is soluble and insoluble.

Wednesday 16. 10. 19

This morning we participated in science. We were turning urine (tea) into fresh and clear water. Next we had a harvest rehearsal for the harvest festival. After that we had maths which was multiplying three numbers. Mrs Crissell showed us a video of “El’nombre” (writing numbers in the desert sand, El’nombre!). Next, we chatted about people who were not as lucky as we were and did not have clean water to drink.

Thursday 15. 10. 19

Today, we had we had the harvest festival straight away. It was good, after that, we had handwriting. We were writing our names in cool ways and looking at calligraphy. Next we had singing for the young voices concert. Next we had maths looking at multiplication.

Friday 17. 10. 19

To start off the day we had P.E, we were doing basket- ball in 3 different stations. For the next lesson we had maths, we were picking up on multiplication.



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