14 March 2019, Comments: 0

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Today we have done some science and English. In English, we have done some learning about rocket launches.


Today we have done some English and looked at journeys. We looked at different types including human evolution and the water cycle. We have been on www.britishscienceweek.org , to celebrate British Science Week.


Today we have done some maths on decimals. We have also done some research on our poster projects.


We have done some maths in which it was on decimals and fractions. We also started doing our posters for the competition. The topic is The Journey of (our choice). Harrogate Town Football Club came again and we read some of our own stories out to the class. This had to be a story about Harry Gator who is the Harrogate Town mascot.


This day was amazing, because we have done some very fun things such as P.E. It has been an amazing week. It is also red nose day and the RTS talent show. Good luck to Tilly and Emily.


By Chloe, Rebecca and Sienna

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