14 June 2018, Comments: 0

On Monday, we started our week with our spelling and times table test, then Mrs Crisell told us about perimeter in maths. After break, we read about the battle between brave Beowulf and the hideous sea hag. In the afternoon, we did throwing and catching which was practicing for rounders.

Tuesday. In the morning, we did literacy. We wrote our paragraphs for our explanation text that we are writing in English. After that, we learnt more about perimeter in maths. Then, in the afternoon, we had Mrs Taylor teaching us for ICT. We did a tricky Viking Quest where we had to answer questions of where to place our settlements and making decisions of who to take.

This Wednesday, we worked hard and wrote our How to Kill a Monster explanation. After break, we did perimeter in maths. In the afternoon, we had Mrs Styles teaching us and we did a long match of rounders.

Today, in the morning, we practiced our perimeter and area work, then we carried on our how to kill a monster guide. In the afternoon, we finished our Anglo Saxon brooches with bronze and gold metallic paint so that they looked like real brooches.

Tomorrow, we will do maths. After that, we will finish off our brilliant reports. In the afternoon, we will begin learning our Viking topic.

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