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In science we have been given a challenge to test our water and see if it is soft or hard and if the warm water freezes faster than the cold water. We discovered that the warm water freezes quicker and that on a scale of 1-5 5 being hard water and 1 being soft water. The water we tested was a 3 so it’s in the middle.

Arctic skype

On Wednesday an Arctic explorer skyped Coverdale Class and we asked Jamie lots of questions. It was really interesting hearing his answers. Here are some things he told us:

5 things he needed most were a coat, hat, gloves, camera and chocolate.

Animals he saw were 2 reindeer, arctic fox, seals and maybe a polar bear! We then used his answers to help us with our direct speech in Literacy.


In maths this week we did adding and subtracting decimals. We did it using the column method and even mentally.



We looked at forces and decided which things we push, pull or twist.


In art we did a picture of a rocket using pictures from magazines and our printing blocks that we


By Megan and Anna

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