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Today we did some maths we did some very cool additions. It was great fun! Mrs Whitely taught us. We also finished Beowulf our topic story.



Today we had our children as Teachers day. We were very happy, because we wrote a report for one of our teachers. We set homework for Mrs Styles. The Year 5’s went to the Community Tea and then the choir sang to them.




Today we did some English and we wrote stories. We wrote the stories to read out in the story telling session tomorrow. We have had a very fun day and we cannot wait to hear the stories tomorrow!




We have done many fun things today and we have heard some stories. They have been funny and scary at the same time. Who knew Mr Lever was a murderer or that ice creams are evil? Our assembly was great and Mrs Simpson read us a story. Ben played the piano, WOW!



We are sure tomorrow will be a fun day! It will be the leavers’ service. There will be quite a few tears and I am sure that everyone will miss them next year.

Have a nice Summer Holidays! J


By Chloe, Rebecca and Sienna


The Coverdale Staff would like to wish all the students and their families a safe and happy holiday. It has been our pleasure teaching you.

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