21 June 2018, Comments: 0

On Monday, we started our week with our spellings and times table test. Then we did some work on our new spellings. In the afternoon we did science, we used pipettes to measure how many drops would cover the surface of the 1p coin, which we were taught, is water tension.

On Tuesday, we had Mrs Atkinson teaching us the whole day. In English, we made a song/poem about the battle between Beowulf and the Sea Hag. In Maths, we learnt about Roman Numerals. We learnt a fun song about it! In the afternoon, we did some research about different Viking Gods and then we made a poster about them in ICT.

This Wednesday, in the morning we read some of Beowulf with Mrs Norman. We also had ten teachers from different schools come to watch our maths lesson on the twelve times table. In the afternoon, we each made a comic strip about Beowulf and Grendel’s battle.

Today, in the morning the Yr 4’s did a reading test while the Yr 5s did ttrockstars and research about Viking Gods. In maths we were learning about measuring in cubic centimetres. In the afternoon, we will design a poster for Monkey Boy, which is a choir concert next year.

Tomorrow, we will do maths, English, spellings and learn about the Vikings.

Coverdale would like to wish Kit a speedy recovery and we all look forward to seeing him again soon.



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