22 March 2018, Comments: 0

Happy sport relief!

On Monday, we did our spelling test and then we did measuring in maths. In the afternoon, we did some spelling work. Hatch it has arrived.

Tuesday, we did the bunny bounce in the morning. After that, we made a booklet called Grammar for Astronauts! After that we did French and ttrockstars in the afternoon.

This Wednesday, we have had Mrs Norman teaching us. In the morning, we did a SPAG test. Then we did maths where we learnt about Kg and cm. In the afternoon, we did some work in our space diaries looking at a balanced diet.

Today, we wished Lucy the best of luck because Lucy reached the finals of cross-country! In the morning, we started with maths converting measurements. After maths, we marked our grammar test. In the afternoon we looked at why we are having Sports Relief day. We now have 9 chicks.

Tomorrow we will do English, maths and art. Have a great weekend.


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