26 April 2018, Comments: 0

On Monday, morning, we had our spelling test. In maths, we were learning ways to multiply a 2-digit number with another 2-digit number. After lunch, we went to Bilton fields to discover the differences in vegetation and wildlife in the spring. The class visited the fields in winter when it was frosty and cold. We compared what we had seen in winter to what we saw on this visit.

This Tuesday, in English, we read some more of Beowulf. Then, we wrote an invitation from King Hrothgar inviting noble thanes to an evening at the great mead hall. After break, we carried on doing multiplication in maths. In the afternoon, in ICT we created a poster advertising a job for a Hero.

Wednesday, in English we prepared questions to ask a hero in an interview. We then pretended to interview each other to be heroes. After break, we did multiplication in maths. In the afternoon, we wrote our invitations for King Hrothgar’s banquet at the mead hall.

Today, we did factors in maths and we drew factor rainbows for them. After break time, we learnt about Grendel’s Lair in Beowulf. We described the different things you might see, hear, smell, taste, feel and think if you were there. This afternoon, in art, we drew what we thought Grendel’s Lair would look like.

Tomorrow, we will do maths, English, spellings and in the afternoon, we will learn more about the Anglo Saxons.

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