29 June 2018, Comments: 0

We hope you are enjoying the hot weather.


On Monday, we had our spelling and twelve times table test. In the afternoon, we got changed for sports day. We had so much fun playing all the games. Our winning teams were Poland and Switzerland, second was Italy and third was Saudi Arabia.


Gory guts day (poo day).

In the morning, we made fake poo. We learnt about each part of the digestive system and how food travels through it. After break, we measured how long both of our intestines are with chalk on the playground.

Did you know that your intestines are about 9m long? In the afternoon, we finished off our Viking gods poster.


This Wednesday we did a spelling and grammar assessment and after that, we had table tennis. After break, we did P.E, which was rounders, Geri’s team won with 8.5 points and Lucy’s team lost with 7.5 points. In the afternoon, we finished of our Beowulf comic strips.



On Thursday, we did dancing with Mrs Zealand, it was amazing and a lot of fun. Then we did maths outside, we estimated how far we kicked the ball, the total distance around the football pitch, how far we throw the beanbag and in how many seconds it took us to run across the field. After lunch, we attempted to draw Viking symbols.


When we came to school, we had a maths test until break. After that, we completed our first paragraphs for our Reviews of The Year. This afternoon we were weaving which was great fun.

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