2 November 2017, Comments: 0

This week in Coverdale has been fun!

On Monday, we had our spelling test. Then we had English. We were really excited to meet Jacqueline and Oliver the space scientists in the afternoon. We used Google hangouts and they showed us the mysteries of space.


Tuesday, we looked at the nine times table to see how many ways we could do the calculation, twelve times nine. We managed 6 ways! At eleven O’clock, we used Google hangout again, and talked to Jamie the sea explorer in Bermuda and he answered our questions.


This Wednesday, first we did reading club and we read some more of Stitch Head and we all loved it! We had Mrs Lovell for the day. In maths we learnt about the seven times table and we looked for patterns. In Literacy we learnt more about a dictionary and played a really fun game were we looked for words. In the afternoon we played fortress ball in PE.


On Thursday, in literacy we learnt a poem by Lemn Sissay. After that, we practiced our multiplication with two digit numbers. In the afternoon, we added our finishing touches to our seascapes.


Finally, it’s nearly Friday! In the morning we will do PE; we will use our intercepting skills. In English we will be completing our Lemn Sissay poems and hope they are amazing! Then it will be maths and we will carry on our multiplication.

Lucy and William


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