4 November 2016, Comments: 0

Welcome back to school


In the morning we did maths. We looked at number problems then made a bar model to work out the calculation.

In the afternoon we walked to the Stray and planted purple crocuses. The colour purple was chosen because the Charity

helping people with Polio use a purple dye to show that they have had the treatment.


Today we did months of the year in French. In science we learnt about how trees and plants absorbed water and transferred

through the stem and into the leaves.


In maths we did word problems this is the order we do our problems in, we live it/ plan it/ do it/ check it. We did some

smoothie making and we used an electronic bike with a blender on the end. When you pedalled the bike it activated

the blender. The smoothies were lush.


Today Scott came from google and they gave us these special goggles where you see virtual reality.

We could see under the see and into space and the ISS. In assembly Mr Ward came in to school to talk about

his journey in a boat made out plastic bottles. It was very interesting. Mrs Crisell is going to Shanghai

today to teach maths and watch some maths lessons. Good luck to Mrs Crisell. Have a good weekend.

By Matthew and Charlie

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