5 July 2019, Comments: 0




Today it was Sports Day. We all had lots of fun participating in different races to have the sportiest day of all and help each other when they face a challenge. Everyone has done a great job and we are thankful for that. All the reception children did a great job in taking part in as many races as they could and we are very proud of all the team captains. Well done to you all!




The year six children performed their production for everyone in school, it was called Pirates of The Curry Bean. It was once again as funny as it could get and the lighting was great. So it was another success. The cast did a great job. Some children also had their Grade 1 violin exam today.




The year 4 children in this class did a Maths and English assessment. The year 5 worked on TTrockstars whilst they were doing their assessment. We had zero stress when we were doing our assessments and we didn’t need to worry about how long we took.




The year 4’s finished their Maths assessment whilst the year 5’s were learning translating shapes. We all got to paint our mini oil lamps that we made on our Viking Trip. We had a go at drawing intertwined serpents like some carvings you might see when you go into a museum.







Today we had P.E with Mr Howlett, it was great fun, we did aerobic exercises, sprinting and football. In English, we finished writing our myths. After lunch we had some singing and then we had a reward ceremony.

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