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Monday, today we have played a game called multiplication Grand Prix. We also did some literacy. Mrs Lovell would like it if we went on TTRockstars and Multiplication Grand Prix.

Tuesday, today we have done some literacy and maths looking at division. We have done some times table practise, which will help us with division.

Wednesday, today we have done some maths and literacy. We have done lots of reading. As well as reading our own books, we have also read more of Kensuke’s Kingdom. We have started our calendar artwork.

Thursday, today in maths we have done perimeters. In literacy, we have been doing balanced arguments about whether or not Kensuke should go with Michael if a boat comes to get him or should he stay on the Island.

Friday, today is the Christmas Fayre and we are so excited to play the year 5/6 games. We hope that you and your family have had fun too!


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