7 December 2017, Comments: 0

This week has been super exciting!

On Monday, we had Mrs Lovell teaching us. We had a spelling test in the morning and then we did division in maths. In the afternoon, we made stars out of willow sticks and found pictures for the school advent calendar.

Tuesday, we had maths first thing this morning and we did division. In the afternoon, we did ICT and went on TT rockstars. In the evening, many people took part or went to the advent service up at St John’s Church.

This Wednesday, we read some more of Kensuke’s Kingdom and we have gotten really close to the end of the book! After that, we did English where we planned for our reports on our amazing science week. We also did division in maths. In the afternoon, we stated our reports on Science Week.

Today, we had worship in the morning for a change. This was to allow KS1 to practise their nativity. We finished off our science reports in literacy and we have done division using the bus stop method in maths. The afternoon was busy with our Kensuke’s Kingdom inspired calendars followed by class reading of the book.

Friday will be maths with Mrs Styles and getting ready for the Christmas Fair.

William and Lucy




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