12 June 2018, Comments: 0

We hope you had a great sunny half term!

On Monday, we started our week with our ough spellings and times table test. This week we are doing the six times table. After our tests, we learnt about coordinates in maths. Then in the afternoon, we did PE and we practiced our tennis skills like bouncing the ball on our rackets and trying the challenges that we were given.

This Tuesday we did more work on coordinates in maths. In English, we read some more Beowulf. In the afternoon, some of the Coverdale, Nidderdale and Swaledale parents came in and we taught them about times tables with games, songs and information to help their children.

Wednesday, Years 3, 4, and 5 went to the Yorkshire Show Grounds for Countryside Day where we took part in extremely fun activities such as rag-rugging, making bird feeders for our beautiful Peace Garden, making sheep felt and also learning about the incredible Hen Harriers. We all enjoyed the Sheep Show where the sheep did a hilarious dance routine!

On Thursday, we learnt about translation in shapes in maths. After break, we did PE and we tried out different agility training with relay races that included sprinting and some football. In the afternoon, we made our Anglo Saxon brooches with string, PVA glue and a circular piece of paper.

Today, we did reflection with shapes and we had challenges that we had to complete. After break, we carried on our explanation about how to slay a monster. In the afternoon, we continued our brooches.

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