16 December 2019, Comments: 0

Monday 9.12.19

To start the week, we had a spelling test. Next, we had maths in which we were re-capping on everything we have

done so far this year. After that, we wrote our Christmas hopes. To end the day, we thought of eco-friendly Christmas ideas.

Tuesday 10.12.19

To start the day, we participated in 2 silent maths tests. Next, we read some of Kensuke’s Kingdom – which we finished and it was

sooooooo exciting. To end the day, we played Kensuke’s blockbusters (it was really good fun!).

Wednesday 11.12.19

Today, we had a re-match of Kensuke’s block busters! After that, we were hot- seating Michael’s parents (James Barraclough

and Emilia Shacklock/ Lily Ellison and Harry Craig) in which we were interviewing them. In maths, we were rounding to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 and 10,000.

Thursday 12.12.19

In literacy today, we were writing direct speech correctly. Today in maths, we were working on balanced equations. This afternoon, we had P.E

in which we were dancing. To end the day, we sang some for the young voices.


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