9 September 2016, Comments: 0

Back to school



Today is our first day back at school. In Coverdale our teachers are Mrs Crisell, Mrs Harrison, Mrs Fleming, Mrs Atkinson and Mrs Pears. Coverdale class have decided to try really hard to be Class of the Week. We have looked at our new books and are getting used to a new routine. In Coverdale we have lots of fun doing maths.


Today we made a class book all about ourselves. We had to think about what superpower we would have and why. We had to write down things that our teachers needed to know about us. We did some PE with lots of running up and down the playground and some netball which was fun.


Today we had Mrs Harrison. We started the day with maths then we decided what things kept us safe in school. We made pictures in our art lesson about staying safe in school.


Mrs Atkinson started today with Science. We are learning about animal habitats in science, we hat to name as many animals as we could. In French we are doing about monsters and body parts that was fun. We were doing lots of handwriting.

Matthew Brayson and Charlie Crankshaw

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