14 June 2020, Comments: 0

Yippee, our whole school theme this week is science and famous scientists. I know you will be looking forward to getting stuck in. We have a few special things going on.

My science colleague, David Featonby will be sending us a video each day with questions and things to try, with the answers the following day! There are lots of practical activities to explore with everyday objects at home on See Saw too.

On Tuesday it is The Great Science Share. It is a day packed with activities and fun online lessons. The links will be on See Saw. I would be over the moon if you registered and shared some of your home learning on their too. You can apply for a special free certificate and badge too. In school we will be using the question makers to come up with our own question.

There is a whole school competition around who can blow the biggest bubble and longest lasting bubble. I remember Harry and Joseph were our giant bubble blowers with a diameter of 30cm, but perhaps you can beat their result. As for the longest lasting bubble, we’ve not got a record for that yet.

As usual the maths home learning is on Maths with Parents and My Maths. I think you will enjoy the Maths with Parents activities. I can see how hard many of you are working and have been especially impressed with your commentary videos this week. Keep up the good work!

Lastly I thought you might like to follow this link to watch our very own Kit inspiring others to love space. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5XBIjU-uIg

Keep in touch and have a great week.

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