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Monday 4.11.19

To start the week, we used punctuation effectively in a range of sentences in English. In Maths, we were x 4 digits by 1 digit and 2 digit by 2 digit in column multiplication. Next, we had I.C.T which in we did a gunpowder plot quiz on newsround.

Tuesday 5.11.19

To start the day, we did tense spot and change. Next, we learnt the poem ‘Remember, Remember’. After that, we read some of the class book. Before lunch, we had maths in which we were discussing the 11 times table. To end the day, we had R.E.

Wednesday 6.11.19

Today we had English in which we did an emotion for each letter of the alphabet. Next, we had Maths, we were doing factors and multiples (we also played a factor and multiple chain game). Today we also had Art, we made a Japanese blossom tree with ink (we were blowing into straws to spread the ink).

Thursday 6.11.19

Today in English, we wrote some sentences using the show don’t tell method. In Maths we x 2 digits by 2 digits using the column method. After that we had the book fair (we got some really nice books!). To end the day, we had R.E in which we were talking about Remembrance Day.

Friday 7.11.19

To start the day, we had English in which we did show don’t tell, again. Next we had Maths, we did the 6 x table. To finish the day we had P.E, in which we did some excellent stretches.

By Rose J and Lily E

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