6 July 2018, Comments: 0

Another exciting week here in Dentdale as we are nearing the end of term.

This week we have enjoyed a fantastic violin recital from Mrs Else’s violinists, many of which are in Dentdale. A special well done to Francis, Megan, Lily and Tabitha – it was great! Emilia also played the piano for us too. What accomplished musicians we have in Dentdale!

We also watched the Y6 dress rehearsal and we all thought it was ‘fandabydosy’!

Our plastic bottle top collage is complete and we have been making posters and writing facts about plastic pollution, using our word processing skills.

In ICT, we also used the internet to research facts about koalas and kangaroos and found out same amazing facts…

(Did you know koalas do not drink? Baby kangaroos (joeys) are only 2cm long when born!)

We have started a DT project: designing and making houses for Australia too.

Busy, busy, busy!


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