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We hope enjoyed finding out about Habitats. We loved seeing your work – especially the habitats you created.

This week our theme is based on the VE day celebrations at the end of the week.

It is 75 years since VE Day so this year they are extra special celebrations, so Friday is a Bank Holiday! (We have not set any work for Friday – it’s a holiday for us all!)

There are some activities to do on Seesaw about VE Day.

These include colouring a union flag, designing a commemorative cup and making bunting – the theme is red, white and blue – use different designs and patterns to make it jazzy!

There are some other activities too. Remember to look out for the Tuesday Challenge (on Tuesday!) and also Thursday’s Science investigation as well as worship on Wednesday.


Daily maths activities will be posted each day on Seesaw. We have also linked the BBC Bitesize as it complements the White Rose maths too.


Check out the Sporting Influence newsletter which is now posted on RTS website. Click on BLOG, then SPORTS in the drop down menu .It has quizzes and  activities for you all to enjoy.

Other useful resources to check out:

*Don’t forget to look at the Well Being tab on the RTS homepage. There are some great resources listed.

*Another excellent resource to support home learning (science, maths, computing, D&T) is https://www.stem.org.uk/home-learning Check it out!

Just remember to do what is manageable for you all….

Keep safe and well and d HAVE FUN!

Love from Mrs Phelan and Mrs Jackson x

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