29 March 2020, Comments: 0

I hope that everyone has been able to enjoy a weekend with their families and is ready for the challenges of the week ahead.

The latest newsletter was sent out to all parents on Friday. It contains lots of information, which I hope that you find useful. It even includes a recipe for everyone to try from Jo, our wonderful school cook and simple gardening tips from Mr Groves our school garden expert. It reminds us all that learning is more than what can be found on a website or blog post.

There is lots of advice and support for parents helping their children to cope with the difficult days that we are living through. Mrs Pears has recommended a fantastic website for supporting children with their mental health during these uncertain times. Please see the link below.


Please remember that learning at home is very different from homework. Do not see everything that teachers post as a list, which must be completed by a deadline. A structured day will help all of the children and provide them with a pattern to their day. I would encourage everyone to do what you can, when you can and see time for being together and supporting each other vitally important for the long-term wellbeing of your children.

I must thank Jasmine from Ribblesdale for the wonderful message, which she sent to everyone at school. It has been shared with everyone, especially Mr Starkey, and has really cheered us up.

Towards the end of the newsletter there is a request for messages to be shared with the elderly and isolated in our community. I would encourage everyone to put some time aside to send a message of encouragement, hope and love to someone who needs it. I have an elderly auntie who I know would love to receive a letter from someone other than me.

Look out for more information through the week regarding the way in which we will stay in touch over the Easter period.

Below is a simple message completed by one of the children, which I would like to share with you as wise advice for the week ahead.

Andrew Symonds

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