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I am thrilled and delighted to announce the birth of Etta Hope Starkey who finally arrived safe and well, after keeping everyone waiting, on Tuesday 31st March weighing 7 pounds 11 oz. Everyone is doing well and are now back home waiting for safer times to introduce Etta to the wider world. I am sure that you will join everyone at school in celebrating some much needed good news. Mr Starkey would like to thank everyone for their messages of support. Below is a photo of a beautiful baby Etta Hope.

We have made it to the end of one of the strangest and most challenging terms in the long history of Richard Taylor School. I would like to thank everyone for the way that they have responded to the challenges which we have all faced in recent days. The staff will continue to provide emergency cover for those children whose parents are on the front line of the battle against COVID-19 over the Easter period. For everyone at home the teachers will be taking a short break from regularly updating and responding to everyone through their learning platforms. There will still be plenty of learning opportunities already set which the children can access through the Easter break.

For those families who want to remember the story of Easter and its importance for us as Christians below is one of the activities suggested by the diocese of Leeds for families to try at home.


If you have a garden, have a hunt for some rocks. If you don’t have a garden try to look for some when you are on your daily walk in the neighbourhood. Give them a bit of a clean and let them dry. Gather some paints or Sharpies, anything that you can make marks on stones with. Try to paint or draw some pictures from the Easter story. When they are dry you might like to drop them off around the neighbourhood when you are walking through the streets. You could always write a verse of hope on the bottom of the rock, or the name of your church. Make sure you leave them in places where people will see them


For everyone who wants to burn off the calories after eating their chocolate Easter Eggs the Harrogate Sports Partnership have two really good links below for families to get active together.





This is a time which is placing unique challenges on everyone and I would like to stress again the message that everyone must approach home learning in the way that they can manage doing what you can, when you can in the way which fits your family. The Easter break is a time to take a little more of break and do the activities which allow you to enjoy family time.

Thank you for all of the photos and work which we get to see when you send them in; they continue to cheer everyone up and where possible we are sharing them with those who need cheering up in a time of loneliness and anxiety for the elderly and sick.

Below are some of our recent favourites by Albert, Maisie and Charlie.

Where possible we are trying to give some of you a telephone call to touch base and catch up but if you have any questions please continue to use the admin@richardtaylor.ycway.uk e mail address.

I will continue to blog during the break with messages and signposts.

For now stay safe, we are missing you all.

Mr Symonds

PS for anyone who read the blog posted on April 1st I have to confess that Mrs Crisell is not heading in to space. Whilst she will continue to reach for the stars I am glad to say that her feet will remain firmly on the ground at RTS.


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