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Firstly, thank you to everyone who has listened to the messages sent out and stayed away from School unless it was critical that their children were supported by staff at RTS.

As staffing levels continue to fall it remains absolutely vital that we remain available to support front line workers. Please keep your children at home if you possibly can.

The children who did attend were supported by a small team of dedicated staff, we will continue to be here for the families who need us.

Home Learning

The staff are all pleased to see that children are beginning to access the learning platforms at home. If you struggle with access issues please check your child’s class blog where staff will be signposting activities, which you can complete.

Important Message for Families who are using the Teams Platform

The teams platform is the most effective for older children. One of the issues which has arisen is that as the children explore the site they have discovered call, chat and e-mail tabs which are not part of the of the e-learning element of the platform.

Children can access the assignments sent by class teachers by clicking on the assignment tab.

The children have been asked not to use the learning platform as a social media chat room. Staff can see that some children have continued to use the chat tab. Please ask your child not to use the chat tab, staff are finding themselves swamped by chat messages.

If children continue to use these tabs we would need to suspend their access to the Teams platform and direct them to the web-page class blog to access their e-learning.

Thank you for helping us to iron out some of the teething problems, which we are finding as we grow our e-learning offer.

Andrew Symonds


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