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Thank you to all of the parents and grandparents who supported the fairtrade coffee morning last Thursday and to the Friends of the school who helped with Tea and Coffee. The money raised will go towards supporting the work of the Fairtrade group in school.

This week starts with the children between year 2 and year 4 being given a free Mandarin taster lesson by Suzie Cummings who runs our Mandarin language club on Monday lunchtimes.

From 2pm Mellors our Catering provider will be running a packed lunch talk for parents who are interested in new ideas for their child’s lunchbox. If you are interested in attending please let the office know and we can arrange the appropriate space for the talk. After school our drama club hold their penultimate session as they prepare for their performance.

We welcome Matt Lunn from the Methodist Chapel to lead our worship on Tuesday at 1.15pm

On Tuesday after school children from Yr 5/6 will be participating in the Harrogate Netball Tournament at St John Fisher High School. Choir Practice will run as normal in the hall.

Wednesday afternoon sees the 2nd week of our sports literacy programme with Pobble and Sporting Influence

After school on Wednesday 8 children from year 5 will take part in their 2nd week of Touchball training at Harrogate High School. After school on Thursday Chess Club and Netball Club will run as normal.

On Friday morning the children from year 6 and reception will have their photo taken by Tempest in the Hall.

Thank you to everyone who has helped their children to find fairtrade products over the last fortnight, I have been overwhelmed by labels and wrappers.

I apologise to last week’s yellow jersey wearers, I was not able to take a photo; I will make sure that I catch up with the winners from both last week and this week and make sure that their photo appears on the website.

The photograph below shows our fair trade group with Angela Smith ASDA Community Champion who allowed us to hunt through the store last week looking for fairtrade products.

Andrew Symonds

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