26 March 2017, Comments: 0

Before we look at a busy week ahead in school I would like to thank all of the parents who supported last week’s e safety information evening. Mr Starkey produced an outstanding presentation on the subject of e-safety and was supported by PCSO Will Champion. We will be putting the presentation onto the school’s e-safety page on our website and I would strongly recommend that all parents take a look at the presentation which covers all aspects of a very important subject.

This week PCSO Will Champion will be calling into school to introduce himself to the children; we also welcome Mr Green who will be leading our worship on Monday at 1.15pm. In the afternoon the children who have been part of the Harrogate Theatre Drama Club will be going to the theatre to rehearse and perform their work in the studio for friends and parents.

On Tuesday the friends will be holding their annual sponsored bunny bounce fundraiser in the hall; it is one of our biggest fundraisers and I hope that you will be able to support their efforts by getting as many sponsors as you can. Weather permitting children from year 2-5 will have the opportunity to access a free tennis coaching taster session which has been organised by Mrs Jackson. We also welcome Ruth from St John’s to lead our worship during the afternoon.

After school on Wednesday and Thursday we will be holding our parents evenings; the friends will be serving tea and coffee during both evenings and I look forward to seeing you there.

On Friday the children from EYFS and Yr6 will be having height and weight checks.

This week is also the last week that we will have our hatch it chicks in school; 7 of the 9 eggs hatched and the chicks have been growing rapidly ever since. Below are Photographs of the Comic Relief Talent Show Performers, the Hatch It Chicks and the winners of last week’s yellow jersey.

Special mention must also go to Lucy Everson whose photo is below. Lucy qualified for the North Yorkshire Cross Country Finals and came an incredible 15th out of 60 runners, Well done Lucy.

I would also look out for a special red nose photo of our brilliant lollipop man, Bob, who wore his red nose on Friday. Look out for our special Red Nose Total in the next newsletter.

Andrew Symonds


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