27 September 2020, Comments: 0

This week sees us leave September behind as we head into October.

I would like to thank all of our parents for their ongoing support during challenging times. You will have received updated information from the NHS regarding the decision making process when it comes to deciding that you or your children need to take a test. Please read it carefully and remember to let us know if you are arranging a test for you or your family members. For the school to operate effectively for all of our children we need everyone to know when and how they can get a test.

We genuinely appreciate all of the efforts being made by our families around the drop off and collection times when social distancing is most important. The following observations are to help everyone to continue to stay safe and help us to keep the school open for everyone.

  • Please don’t park, stop or seek to drop off children on the yellow zig zag lines. Hall Lane is a dangerous road; the time taken to park safely and deliver your children to school will be time well spent if it avoids an accident.
  • Please use the one way system in school to avoid going against the flow of pedestrian traffic up hall lane. The public footpath is too narrow for people to pass at a safe distance and we do not want people to have to move into the road to maintain social distance. I know that this means a slightly longer journey for some but the benefits far out way the costs if it allows everyone to get into school safely.
  • Please avoid extended conversations with other parents or staff. If you want to ask a question regarding your child’s learning please do it via the class e mail page or by contacting the office. Being able to talk to our parents is one of the things that we miss the most; but it is something that we have had to put on hold to ensure we don’t unintentionally spread the virus an lose staff desperately needed in school if they are forced to self-isolate.
  • We know that the Hall Lane entrance and Bilton Lane exit are narrow pinch points, please take your time and give the person in front the time to enter and exit in good order.
  • Please keep children off the outdoor play equipment in the playground which will have been cleaned in preparation for the following day.

Thank you for taking the time to read through the points raised; they are all there to help keep everyone safe and keep the school open for everyone.


This week we will be delighted to welcome M&M productions back to school; this year’s performance will be very different from previous years with multiple performances to maintain bubbles and ensure cleaning and social distancing rules are being followed.

Thank you to everyone who supported the bags to school collection last week. The friends are looking at ways in which we can raise funds through the autumn without the Christmas Fair which we will not be able to hold this year.

I am delighted to be able to let you know that Bilton and Woodfield Library is now open for lending books.

The Library hours are –

MONDAY 1.30-4.00 p.m.

THURSDAY 9.30- 12 noon.

FRIDAY 9.30- 12 noon.

SATURDAY 9.30- 12 noon.

Children have been told to watch out for the LIBRARY BOOK BINGO which starts on OCTOBER 5th.


Finally we are looking forward to posting our virtual tour of the school very shortly on the school’s website. If you know of someone thinking of looking for a place in September 2021 please direct them to the website tour.

Thank you

Andrew Symonds

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