Monday 2nd July 2018

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This is one of the busiest weeks of a very busy term. We wish Mrs Wake good luck as she begins 2 weeks of jury service, Nidderdale will be in safe hands during her absence. I will be accompanying Nidderdale as they complete a street survey of local shops in Bilton on Monday morning. On Monday afternoon Coverdale will be completing their final survey of Bilton Fields.

On Tuesday morning the children from year3/4 will be enjoying a judo taster session delayed from last week. In the afternoon the children will be able to enjoy the yr6 musical performance as the have a dress rehearsal starting at 1.15pm

Wednesday morning sees Children’s author Tom Palmer visit school to take workshops with many classes; look out for more information this week. After school will be week three of both the yr3/4 Harrogate Town Football Club on the school field and Yr5/6 Cricket event at Bilton Cricket Club. At 6.30 the Yr6 will perform their musical for friends and parents for the first time in the Hall.

On Thursday we will be sending a KS2 team to an academy trust athletics sports event at St Aidan’s. At 10.30 St John’s Church will be holding a memorial service for Mrs Lynne Stott who died recently. The school has a book of condolences for anyone who remembers Mrs Stott and wishes to pass on a message to Mrs Stott’s family. We also look forward to welcoming our new starters for their transition visits to RTS through the day on Thursday.

After school on Thursday our Yr6 will be very busy as several of them will head off to the Rounders Finals before performing their show for the first time. Please note that the 2nd performance will start at 7.30pm to give the yr6 time to get back from the tournament.

On Friday Mrs Zealand will be taking dance sessions for the yr6. On Sunday our choir will be performing at the Bilton Methodist community day at Bilton Chapel.

Finally we hope to see preparations for our new entrance hall start on Monday with several holes being dug to check foundation depths.

I will add photos on Monday when I recover the school’s camera from Mr Starkey who borrowed it for Swaledale’s trip last week.

Andrew Symonds

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