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With one week to go before the start of the new academic year this blog welcomes everyone back to RTS for what will be an exciting term ahead.

The planned entrance hall building plans remain on track to begin in early September. We will be announcing the successful contractors at the start of next week and construction will begin in early September. The entrance, school office and head’s office have all been moved in preparation for the start of the school year and signs will direct everyone to the new office locations which will be in place for the majority of the autumn term. A reminder of where everyone can be found will be published in the first newsletter of term which will be published shortly.

Over the summer the school has had a brand new server hub installed and new digital phone lines in preparation for the new entrance. Several classrooms have been redecorated and everything is looking ready for next Tuesday.

Anyone walking past the school will also have noticed a new shed in the KS 1 playground this will be used to store more of the outdoor equipment used by the whole of KS 1 and will allow greater use of equipment in the outdoor play areas. The shed has been funded by the Friends who will be holding their first meeting of the new term on Monday 10th September.

Please remember that Monday 3rd September is a training day with staff completing planned training as well as getting ready for the start of the new term.

Over the holidays the school has received the fantastic news that it has been awarded ‘Space Camp’ status. The space camp programme is supported by the Stephen Hawking Foundation and provides funds for schools to run fantastic experiences for children.

Space Camps are sustainable residential learning experiences that take place in primary schools and are organised and run by teachers from that school.


Space Camps usually take place over two days and can be run with groups of children from Year 1 to Year 6. Normally a camp will be run for a whole class of 30 children and the children will participate in a range of Science and Creative workshops linked to many areas of the curriculum. Many of the schools who have set up Space Camp programmes have developed links with local universities and Space Industry businesses so that children get to meet a range of people who work in this area and find out about their work. Children will camp in school overnight, either in the school hall allowing the opportunity for stargazing.

Look out for more information later this term.

The term ahead will be full of fantastic learning opportunities for all children with a special highlight being a Lego Construction Day funded by the friends.

The next blog will update everyone regarding the start of the new term 2018.

Welcome back.

Andrew Symonds

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