Details for Saturday’s Kids Aloud Concert

27 March 2019, Comments: 0

15th March 2019 


Concert Update 



After consultation with the Royal Hall staff, we have to take on board their new safeguarding regulations. On the day of the concert, children are to be dropped off at Hall M and checked in at a desk just inside the main doors. Only children and designated staff/helpers will be allowed into Hall M during the rehearsal. Children will need to wear choir T-shirts for identification purposes. Helpers can also wear RTS jackets or we’ll find another form of ID for that day. Please let me know if you can help that afternoon as I will need to give them your name in advance. Children will need to be collected from the desk area in Hall M and the whole process repeated again in the evening. 


Sunday’s rehearsal at SJF 

Please could we aim to have the children there for 1:45pm so that we don’t lose any more time this weekend. The best place to park is not in the school grounds as it takes so long to get out again! I have asked the school to open both doors and will make it into a one-way system so it should also be easier to collect at the end. 


Choir practices at RTS 

I have met and rehearsed with the Nepali choir – they’re a bit overwhelmed by everything at the moment, but looking forward to coming into schools and meeting everyone. They are coming to practice with us at RTS on three occasions: the next two choir practices and our extra one on Saturday 23rd. Given the number of children involved, I am not opening the hall to parents to come and listen for the next two weeks, please collect at the end of choir as you would normally. If you are collecting early, just ask the office staff to let you in at that time. 


Dress Code – the children are asked to wear smart school uniform for the first half of the show and a plain brightly coloured t-shirt for the second – the aim is to have a rainbow on the stage. Choir T-shirts for the Saturday rehearsal but not the concert. 


Finally, please let me know if your child is being picked up by anyone other than yourself at the weekend rehearsals.  


C. Wake 


Updated rehearsal schedule on the back of this letter 











Wednesday 20th March 

Normal choir practice 

RTS Hall 

Hall closed until 4:15pm; no access for parents until practice has finished. 


Saturday 23rd March 


RTS Hall for RTS choir and Nepali schools only 

Joshua Crisell, Owen Norman, Noa FN, Emilia Shacklock 


Sunday 24th March 


St. John Fisher’s for all schools – main entrance 

Maisy Aughton, James Corfield, Lucy Everson, Noah CH 


Wednesday 27th March 

Normal choir practice 

RTS Hall for RTS choir, Bilton Grange choir and Nepali schools 

Hall closed until 4:15pm; no access for parents until practice has finished. 

Dress Rehearsal  

Saturday 30th March 


Children to arrive from 1:30pm 

Royal Hall  

Arrival into and collection from Hall M 

Please let me know if you can help that afternoon as access is now limited to specific people 


Saturday 30th March 

Children to be at the venue by 6.30 

Royal Hall 

Arrival into and collection from Hall M 

Joshua Crisell, Owen Norman, Juliet Littlefair, Millie Rowlands 

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