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Nidderdale Blog


Our new topic is Rainforests. We want you to bring some information about your pets if it is possible. (If your child is in Nidderdale.) We are going to Yorkshire Wildlife Park on Wednesday next week to see if we can find some animals that you could find in a rainforest. If your child can come then that is great. You will hear more about our trip next week.


We have got a new book based on our topic and it’s setting is The Amazon Jungle/Rainforest. The book is called The Explorer written by Kathrine Rundell. The book is exciting and adventurous so far.


In maths we are doing angles using a compass and learning where North, East, West and South. We are also learning south-east, south-west ,north-east and north-west.

By Chloe and Jessie 20/4/18

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