Famous visitor!

9 February 2018, Comments: 0

Nidderdale blog


In our worship we had a visit from Jonny Brownlee. He ran a triathlon and he was in the Olympics. Here are some pictures of him when he visited our school. Once he was on a race and his brother stole his bike and then he got the wrong bike but Jonny still won on his brother’s bike. Also Jonny hurt his leg with five minutes to go in the race he was running but his brother helped him because he collapsed to the ground. When Jonny got home he said thanks to his brother and his brother said to him you are an idiot. Our class really enjoyed Jonny coming in to answer our questions. He wasn’t bragging about how good he was, he was he was just being a good sport. We hope you have enjoyed our blog we have enjoyed it. See you later for the next blog coming out on Friday.

By Jamie and Fin


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