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Hello Nidderdalers,


I hope you’ve had a good week in the sunshine and enjoyed not having to work!


You probably know that things are a little different now. Some of the younger children are back in school and we have more key worker children too. Some of the teachers have had to move classrooms to fit everyone in (Mr. Starkey is with Year 1 in ours) and we have a lot of new rules to get used to. It’s all going to take a little time for everyone to settle down, I think.


I am going to be with a key workers class, based in Coverdale and I know I will be seeing some of you, which will be lovely. If you’re in school, but not with me, do give me a wave – from the right distance of course!


Because I am back in school full time, it does mean I can’t set and monitor your Seesaw work in the same way. Mrs Norman has set you some Bitesize activities and I’ve set you a few things that should take longer than one session to finish, so spread them out over a couple of days. Mrs Hudson is going to be popping into Seesaw most days to see how you’re getting on and she’ll be in regular contact with me over the week. She’s looking forward to seeing what you come up with. There’ll be a boys v girls TTrockstars battle on Wednesday and you’ve still got things on Maths with Parents too.


I’ve added lots of things to our Seesaw class blog – do have a look. This week is Authors and Books week, I wonder what we can add from this week’s work?


Have a good week,


Mrs Wake


Some useful websites in case you want extra things to do:

Oak academy Y4 https://www.thenational.academy/online-classroom/year-4#schedule

Oak academy Y3 https://www.thenational.academy/online-classroom/year-3#schedule


Topmarks maths:





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