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Hello Nidderdalers,


Well, what a strange week. I missed you all, although the dogs tried their best to help make up the difference Thanks to everyone for their hard work last week; I really enjoyed seeing what you managed to do both indoors and outdoors.


Well done boys – you finally managed to beat the girls in a TTRockstars battle. There’s another – shorter – battle coming up tomorrow afternoon and possibly one for later in the week, if the weather isn’t great.


Mrs Norman is setting you work for Fridays as I’m not normally teaching then and Mrs Atkinson has set you some Easter-related RE for this week.


Tasks for this week coming up. Please make sure you read any instructions on the sheet before having a go – they are there to help! With it being almost the Easter holidays, most of the activities are Easter or Spring related. As well as putting these onto Seesaw, I’ve included a link to a one drive folder below, in case you want to edit them in Word and then export your finished work to a PDF which you can upload. Or you can scan it or upload a photo as many of you have done.

Week 2 and Easter



Acrostic Poem – the PowerPoint gives examples of Spring acrostics with words or sentences. Please write your own Acrostic about Spring or Easter. You might want to write a list of all the words you can think of relating to either first.

Mystery of the Crushed Eggs is a SPAG mystery where you have to find the culprit. I’ll give you the answer on Friday.

Last bit of Egyptian work is to produce a fact file about a famous Egyptian; it can be an ancient Egyptian pharaoh such as Rameses, Khufu, Cleopatra or Hatshepsut (not Tutankhamun, we’ve already done that) or a modern-day Egyptian such as Mo Salah. Remember to include features such as text-boxes, titles and subtitles, bullet points, photos and a ‘did you know’ section.



There are some maths puzzles to keep you going this week. Some of them are jokes which you can answer when you’ve solved the code. Once you’ve had a go, try making one of your own for us all to try.

Don’t forget to ask parents to sign up to Maths with Parents if they’ve not done so yet. There have already been some activities on there for you and I will be adding more this week. The class code is 569188

TTRockstars battle Monday afternoon 1-3 o’clock – don’t forget your soundchecks.

Mental maths Y4 – don’t forget to keep working through these.



I’d like to see something you’ve created this week please; here are some ideas:

  • Easter nests (yum)
  • Easter cards
  • Easter bonnets
  • Easter gardens
  • Easter pictures – could use ICT for that as I did with the picture of the cross.

Upload some photos of your creations and I will share them. Mr Symonds put some of your holiday posters into his newsletter last week.


Identify some of the plants in your garden or on your walks with the PlantNet app. Upload a screen shot of something unusual to Seesaw.


Try the wordsearch, then have a go at creating your own. I use Discovery puzzle maker, but there are other programs you can use.


Finally, I do post more frequent messages and updates on Seesaw and that’s an easy way to get hold of me. Please don’t tag everyone into comments if you don’t want them to read what you’ve written! Parents, don’t forget you can ask to be included – the office sent you an email about this.


Hope everyone has a lovely week,


Mrs Wake

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