30 March 2020, Comments: 0

Good morning Ribblesdale superstars!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend. An activity to start your week off is to get creative around the subject of daffodils.

Daisy from Swaledale has sent me a fabulous picture with her daffodil that we planted at school. (Has anyone got any growing in their gardens?) Mrs Anthony also made some great papercraft daffodils with the children at school last Tuesday, she even gave me 2!

Perhaps you could…

* Draw/paint a picture by looking at and observing a daffodil. (If you don’t have any then find an image that you would like to copy.) It could be a still life, maybe something a bit different like an Andy Warhol inspired pop art picture, or you could use the tools on seesaw to create a digital image.

* Write an acrostic poem either using the template on seesaw or design your own.

* Write/draw some mathematical problems for Mr Starkey or I to solve using daffodils and/or other spring flowers.

* Make a 3D daffodil or collage of one using paper.

* Write a poster or powerpoint about daffodils, maybe you could include some scientific facts. (Use some of the ideas I have attached.)

*Take some photos of daffodils you see, either in your garden or when you go out for a local walk.

Or think of your own ideas. Feel free to do as many as you can. It would be great to see a variety of work.

I’ve attached some examples on seesaw to inspire you.

Enjoy your week. I will try an eye on all the things you are doing for the next couple of weeks as Mr Starkey may be a bit busy soon! X

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