8/3/19 Eco Bricks.

8 March 2019, Comments: 0

Another half term and the Eco Team have been busy. We have made eco bricks. Eco bricks are plastic bottle stuffed with unrecyclable plastic.

How to make an Eco brick?

  1. Firstly you get a clean, dry bottle.
  2. You get a something to poke the plastic into the bottle.
  3. You get some clean, dry plastic.
  4. Pack it in the bottle. It has to be a third of the capacity of the bottle. A 1500ml bottle needs to weigh 500g.

On Wednesday the 6th of March some of the parents helped out making eco bricks at school. Thank you for coming! Look out for information on when the next eco brick making night is.


For more information on making eco bricks at home, check out this link: www.ecobricks.org/how/


Written by Giorgia Y6 and Poppy Y1

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