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We have been practising lots of our maths skills by doing a variety of different questions and some example SAT questions. For example graphs, differences between numbers (including negative and positive numbers), adding fractions with different denominators, decimals, percentages, time…..just everything really that we know about. I think we are all feeling confident.


We have been reading ‘Letter from the Lighthouse’ and doing more questions on the chapters we have read. It is so good and we would 100% recommend it, adults included too!


Since the SATS are right around the corner, the year 6s have been doing lots of the papers that have been done by students in previous years. One of them being a reading test from 2017, there were three sections – Gabby to the rescue, facts about swimming the English Channel and a short story about a boat and a whale. We have also been practising our Maths and English skills by going through past papers that have example answers in them, there are many questions that are incorrect (they had been filled in like this deliberately) so we had to look at where they have gone wrong and how to improve.

We have been given some homework for the Easter holidays. We have ten for ten which are small maths challenges of 10 questions with roughly 10 minutes to complete. We have some SPAG questions and comprehensions. This gives us practice and confidence to answer our SATs questions in May.

Book fair

We were lucky to have another half price book fair which was enjoyed by everyone.


Since RTS have a team to run the Knaresborough bed race (lots of parents are running and Mr Starkey is part of the team!) the students have been asked to decorate the bed. Mr Kelly is an artist who makes amazing incredible sculptures and he is going to decorate the bed. The theme this year is ‘Yorkshire’ so he has asked us to all create a design based on this topic. For example a Yorkshire teapot!


Have a lovely Easter everyone!

Kimberly, Lily and Megan



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