14 February 2020, Comments: 0


On Monday, we wrote about the scene in Harry Potter when Harry uses the invisibility cloak to find out about Nicholas Flamel. It has been fun as we have been able to watch the extract from the film multiple times. We have also enjoyed rewriting the paragraph in our books.


In Art we have been sketching our dragon eyes. On Friday, we created our eyes with clay and we have taken our time and care making them. After the holidays we will be painting them with vibrant use of colour and our chosen dragon eyes will fit snugly.


This week we have been reflecting 2d shapes and we have also been finding the ratio and diameter of circles. Diameter is across all the way through the circle and ratio is half way through the circle.


This has been our last week on gymnastics and Mr Atkinson has been videoing our routines. He is going to show them to Mrs Saunderson and she will judge the winning group. Next term we are going to do Street Dance which we are very excited about.

Have a happy half term – see you after the break.



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