Wensleydale 14th February

14 February 2019, Comments: 0


In English, we have been doing more work on Letters from the Lighthouse. We have answered questions on chapters and have read as well as re writing a post card to Olive’s (the main protagonist’s) mum. When we say rewriting we mean what she would have wanted to say to her if she wasn’t worried about upsetting Mum. Olive and the other children have been given instructions that they cannot say anything negative like they are missing their parents, but really Olive hates where she is and misses her mum and her sister.

We have also been doing balanced arguments on whether the children should have been evacuated in World War 2 or not. We have peer assessed them and edited them. To learn about balanced arguments we looked at some examples: “Should children be allowed to eat chocolate for breakfast?” and “Should mobile phones be banned in schools?”

In a conclusion to a balanced argument you can put your own opinion, but you put a reason for why you think something and then back it up. You can also include a question to challenge the reader; such as ‘Do you agree?’ or ‘What do you think?’ This engages the reader and makes your writing more interesting to them and makes them think about what you are writing about.



This week, in our maths, we have been converting Roman numerals. Here is the key we used:

I = 1

X = 10

C = 100

M = 1000

V = 5

L = 50

D = 500

Here is an example question: MMXIX = 2019

As well as this we have been converting miles to kilometres and vice versa Also, centimetres to metres to kilometres and the other way around.


On Friday we had Mrs Whitely who did out topic work with us. We had to pretend we were evacuees and could only bring 12 things with us in our suitcase. Then we had to write a sentence about why you would take them. We had to remember that we might not return home for months or years, so would have to take necessities and maybe something else if there was room. It was really hard to think about what we could take with us. Examples included, clothes, pyjamas, money, shoes, toothbrush and toothpaste


Chinese New Year

Last week was Chinese New Year, there was a special Chinese meal one lunchtime to celebrate.



There are many new songs that we have been learning. Including, “Happy”, “A Million Dreams” from the Greatest Showman (this is one of the favourites, it is always sung really loudly as everyone seems to know it) and “Life is a Wonderful Thing.”


That’s all for now.

Megan, Lily and Kimberly



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